Choose a massage that will keep you away from stress for a long time and let yourself relax. In our Lapis Inn Hotel, you can get massage service from experts who are experts in many different types of massage. Enjoy the deepest feeling of relaxation in the massage rooms specially prepared for you. Avoid the pastime of life by exploring our private spa room. As soon as you step into our hotel, your comfort becomes the most important task for us.


Turkish Bath, which you can find in The Lapis Inn hotel, located around Sultanahmet, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, brings you Turkish tradition and culture to your feet without giving you an extra touch. Especially after a tired trip, the minutes you will spend on the hammam stone and the traditional Turkish massage special for you prepare you as a newborn baby for the next day. Of course, you can prefer a little more heat. For this, we also have a sauna service for you. Thanks to the sauna, which you can easily find in our hotel, all the pores in your body are almost thoroughly cleaned while you sit back, relax and relax. Towels and a cloth called ‘Pestemal’ as loincloth are given to you for the first time after a little introduction to our guests, and after that you will be completely relaxed.


Grill Restaurant, located on the terrace floor of the Lapis Inn hotel, lays under your feet you the best view of the city while enjoying delicious meals and drinks. You can experience traditional, cultural, and local meals prepared by Executive Chef here, where you can experience the tastes of both Turkish and foreign cuisine. Get ready for a breakfast or dinner that will make you feel special with its friendly and professional staff! You can also discover the drinks that will continue the joy of the night at Terrace Bar Pub on our terrace and continue your conversation here. The restaurant is open from 12:00 AM to 01:00 AM every day and the Pub all hours.


The terrace bar on our hotel terrace offers you the most beautiful view of Istanbul with its location next to the city hippodrome square. Due to the central location of the Lapis Inn hotel, you can watch the sunset glow of the sun, the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia as the sun sets during the Marmara Sea. You can also experience many local and international drinks here. This bar works actively to serve you 24 hours a day. Also, thanks to our lobby bar, you can meet our guests from many parts of around the world and watch movies until late.


Lapis Inn Hotel is proud to provide you with the best transportation service for your personal needs / requests or business while in Istanbul. Since the Sultanahmet - Istanbul location, where our hotel is located, is one of the most central locations of the city, we can bring you to the place you want in the fastest and most comfortable way. For our guests who want a special service, we offer you a special transportation service with our expert drivers. In this way, you can discover Istanbul's different natural and historical beauties, attractions, different entertainment venues, shopping malls easily and reliably. Lapis Inn Hotel is for you if you want to enjoy Istanbul, which is one of the heavenly cities of the world, which hosts many different cultures, history, nation, and state, without any disruption or problems. Its central location (Sultanahmet-Istanbul) will make your job much easier and more fun in this adventure.